Let us please introduce our amazing team here at V&E Studios! Our team combined has almost 100 years of experience in the world of cosmetology. Therefore, we are more than assured your needs will be fulfilled here at V&E. Each one of our service providers handles their own scheduling of appointments. If you would like to make an appointment with one of them you can reach them at the number listed by their name. 

V&E Stylists:

Victoria LaHood - 309-682-7765

V&E 393r

No team, big or small, could ever amount to anything without a strong leader to guide them. Our team here at V&E could not be more blessed to have Victoria as that leader. Most stylists here have come from different salons in the Central Illinois area. We all agree, however, that Victoria is by far the best any of us have worked with.  Not only has her and her sister Elizabeth created a gorgeous atmosphere for us to work in but her leadership and knowledge of the hair business is priceless. Victoria has been a leading hair stylist in the Peoria area for over 20 years. Her first salon, Victoria’s, was located on North Knoxville for the better part of that time. In October of 2011 she joined forces with her sister Elizabeth and reopened at our current location as Victoria & Elizabeth Studio. With the years of experience she has obtained she is very strong at women’s hair cutting, men’s hair cutting, hair coloring, hair styling, perming and the styling of hair for special occasions. Victoria normally takes appointments Tuesdays through Fridays. 

Elizabeth LaHood - 309-682-7765

V&E 279r

Being the younger sister to Victoria, Elizabeth had big shoes to fill when she became part owner of the salon. Elizabeth’s a hard work ethic along with the personality of a go getter has made the challenge quite easy for her.  When she puts her mind to it she is nearly unstoppable. This makes her perfect as one of our leaders here at the salon. With Elizabeth being newer in the hair industry she brings many fresh ideas and helps keep everyone here well versed on the latest trends.  Elizabeth a.k.a “Bean” is very talented when it comes to hair styling, hair cutting, special occasion styling and hair coloring.  Coming from a large family she is very comfortable providing services for all the members of yours. Elizabeth takes appointments Mondays through Saturdays.

Debbie Maxwell - 309-264-8377

V&E 224r-Debbie

If you look up the phrase “Jack of all Trades” Debbie’s picture will be placed right next to it.  No job is too big for her and she can fix anything.  Her drive to make things right shows strongly in her abilities as a hair stylist. Debbie started doing hair in 2007 as her “Encore Career” after she left the insurance industry. Although, once you’ve seen her work it appears she’s been doing hair her whole life.  Her areas of expertise are hair cutting, coloring, styling, and smoothing treatments.  Debbie is trained in the California Smooth and Keratin Smoothing System. She is also well trained with Redken and Matrix color and product lines.  Another reason we love having Debbie as part of our team is that her and her husband own our favorite local ice cream shop. So we get first word when our favorite flavors are in.  Debbie takes appointments Mondays, Wednesday evenings, Thursdays and every other Saturday.

Lorena Flores - 309-678-1081

V&E 325r

One the most fun members of our team would be Miss Lorena. She largely contributes to making our work environment a fun place to be. Lorena’s sweet personality and her sense of humor always deliver a great experience for her clients.  Not to mention her artistic and precise hair cutting and styling abilities are phenomenal. Lorena has been a hair stylist since 2003. She has many expertise which include women’s hair cutting/styling, hair color, eyebrow shaping but most of all men’s hair cutting. Her men’s haircuts come out perfect each time. Her list of training and certifications shows where her talents come from.  Lorena is well trained with Wella and Paul Mitchell hair color and product lines, Mirabella makeup and American Crew clipper cutting.  When Lorena isn’t hard working she likes to spend her free time traveling, shopping, boating and our personal favorite singing karaoke. Lorena takes appointments on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 

Iman Yamak - 309-339-9898

V&E 2 426r-Iman

We knew we were lucky when Souzan joined our team here at V&E however, we had no idea we would be blessed yet again when her sister Iman joined us a year later.  Being a passionate hard worker must run in their families blood. When she isn’t traveling, running or repurposing old furniture she is hard at work creating some of the most beautiful hair we’ve seen.  Iman’s expertise lie in hair coloring but her skills with all areas of hair are extremely strong. She has training and vast knowledge in Matrix hair color, Chi product and color lines, Color Logics, the Global Keratin System and certification with Brazilian Blow Outs. Iman takes appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and every other Saturday. 

Souzan El-Chami - 309-253-3010

V&E 133r-Souzan

Passion for hair and confidence in her skills is one of the reasons we are lucky to have Souzan as part of our team. Her loving personality and vast knowledge of her trade makes us certain that she can handle any hair situation that comes her way. Also, being very wise, she’s wonderful at giving advice when it comes to many aspects of life. Souzan has been making the Peoria area beautiful since 2000 and no matter the type of hair she brings her A-game with every client.  Whether it be a beautiful hair cut, radiant color or perfect eyebrows you are in good hands.  Souzan has training with the Global Keratin System and the Schwarzkopf color line. When she isn’t working hard she is usually spending time traveling with her family.  Souzan normally takes appointments Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 

V&E Spa Service Providers:


Errin Evans - 309-363-5777

V&E 180r.jpg

Having a facial done by Errin can easily be described as reaching Nirvana. Her zen nature and extensive knowledge not only bring you healthy skin but also true relaxation. Errin is from the Peoria area but spent many years living in Bali.  This experience gives her a unique perspective on helping you relax while she performs any of her multitude of services she offers.  Whether you are looking for just a basic facial, treatment of rosacea or other blemishes, reflexology, hair removal or needing your chakras aligned Errin is the one to see. Those services being only a select few of the many she can provide.  Don’t feel left out gentlemen, Errin has special services just for you, too.  She has certifications with Osmosis Skin Care line and Reflexology. Errin takes appointments Tuesdays through Saturdays.  Check out her website at for prices and more information on her services.

Makeup Artist

Valerie Greene - 309-696-5643

V&E 343r.jpg

There are many very talented people in Victoria’s family and that does not fall short when it comes to her sister Valerie.  Valerie is absolutely amazing at her craft.  Her passion for makeup is shown every time she works on a bride, a girl heading to prom, or just the everyday woman looking for advice and tips on how to perfect her makeup.  Valerie knows the importance of having the confidence in knowing you look your best. It is inspiring to see Valerie balance her family life and both of her careers as a fitness instructor and makeup artist. This skill in balancing is not lost when it comes to perfecting your makeup needs. 

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